One of our lovely Gowns x


A-line styles suit most figures and are just a classic style.

This dress was created when 3 pictures of dresses, each showing different parts that were liked , were combined to make this lovely lady her own unique gown of choice.

We always create a sample style first, then, if any slight changes need to be made we do this at this stage.

No dress is started until we are both 100% happy with the style .

I love that the sample gown gets such a happy response and it is well worth the time taken to create so that everybody is happy.

When making a made to measure dress, we actually take in to account height and proportions, rather than just altering a basic style which is why all of our gowns look a perfect fit. 

When you have a dress created, one of the other choices you have is , how long you would like your train ? . They look just fabulous on photos, and are so easy to hook up later


I love detail, and the back of a wedding dress is equally as important as the front. Lace covered buttons are a gorgeous addition to any dress


The satin was overlayed with a heavy chiffon, and then an extra chiffon overlay going across the front .

It could have had an organza , or tulle, or lace covering ,or remained satin only,  that is the beauty of what we do.

The neckline could be different, different laces, of which we have many samples , could have been used  

Get your own pictures together, and ideas, and feel free to email with any query

Look forward to hearing from you 

Paula x

  March 7, 2017, 11:33 am


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