Let's Talk Underwear !!


Often overlooked , but extremely important laughing


Bit of a consumer myth that it is all frills and prettiness underneath a wedding dress, although this actually applies to all dress wearing .


Most ladies would not think twice, about buying a bra with padding, or push up for that bit of extra oomph . 

I have had numerous ladies , at the beginning of having a dress created, tell me they are going to be dieting , which , at the time of getting ready for a wedding is probably the last thing I would recommend.......Don't put yourselves through the added pressure ladies.

There are so many aids to pulling you in , in the right places, I would suggest you start off with some pull in , control underwear .


It looks so much nicer than it used to . Whether you are a size 10 or 20, and depending on your style of dress , it will give a lovely line to any lady , as I said, not just for wedding dresses, but for any special occasion dress.


If buying an all in one style, you may need to go up a size, or even two to allow for a better fit , you need to be able to wear it comfortably all day.

Breathing,eating and enjoying your Big day are the most important thingsmile


If you do invest in the underwear, always make sure that you wear it to your fittings, as a dress will be altered to fit around your figure in the best way possible , and would be too loose if altered to your original shape and the underwear decided on afterwards.

Hope this has been helpful 




  March 17, 2017, 11:56 am


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