It was believed that having a piece of the Brides clothing was lucky, and guests would often tear at the wedding dress for their luck !!! 

From the 14th Century, a garter was worn, to be removed and given instead of this happening smile Thank goodness for progress .


Historically  it represents virginity and purity, and would be removed by the groom as a symbol of the right to have his wifes virginity.  Traditionally,  worn on the right leg, and to preserve modesty when showing it, it is placed just above the knee.  It would then be tossed to the groomsmen, bringing good luck to the one who caught it.  The brides bouquet tossing , is the equivalent luck for the ladies . 


Some Brides have been known to wear 2 garters, one for throwing , and one for the wedding night . It is also easy to incorporate your  'something blue' into a garter.

If you would like a custom made garter, please feel free to message 

  May 4, 2018, 1:17 pm


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