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.....part four


So your sample has been made and you are 100 % happy with the initial design.


It is time to start on bringing your Dress to life. The main body of the dress will be started in your chosen fabrics and you will be invited for a fitting to get a glimpse of how it is taking shape.  We will take pictures of the design on you, discuss anything you feel you would like to talk about, to do with your dress.  

This lace was cut, placed and sewn onto the bodice for this style, before the swag part of the dress was to be placed. If you look closely at the bottom edge of the lace, you can see the pin which marked the edge position for the swag.   We are always looking to find the most flattering design for your body.

There will be approximatly  four fittings to attend . 

This shows some of the swag effect and the panel that went down the front . The fabric is a warm ivory and suited Becky very well , and complimented the red colour scheme .

If you would like to get in touch with your ideas is where to send them. 

Look forward to hearing from you 


  January 19, 2018, 12:32 pm


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