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.....part three


We have met, sorted out the design idea, and now the fun begins .


It is time to make you a toile ( pronounced 'twall' )

This is a low cost sample of your base design, created in calico. There is a small cost for this process, which is deducted from the quote given for your dress. It not only gives you a visual of your design, but also eliminates any issues of the fit. 

I shall be using the dress made for Becky to explain how we went from her original idea , to what was created.

Becky wanted an A line dress, with a tie back. It was to have a lace covered top , that was to be mostly backless, with a little cap sleeve. The front of the dress had some swag effect across the waist area, with a panel down the front. No train was wanted. I was given three pictures to show the ideas. This is because it is easier to talk about your ideas with a visual aid , rather than trying to just describe it to me.

Time for the first fitting 

The toile consisted of the style of bodice, sweetheart, and skirt, A line. The lace part of the dress was created in tulle so that the overall style could be seen on. 

Once the sample was made, Becky got to try it on and we discussed Becky's ideas again. I advised that a train would indeed be a better option, after seeing her splendid venue, and being able to imagine how fabulous her photos would look. Also explaining that a hook up could be used after the photos to minimalise it. Becky had wide shoulders ( lots of mountain climbing and kayaking ), therefore I suggested , rather than a sleeve, the lace would be best to just go over the shoulders, creating a more proportioned look. For the swag and front panel, we simply marked the toile with the best positions so that Becky could see where they would be positioned. As a fairly petite lady, I wanted her to wear her dress, not be dwarfed by its detail.  It is just such a lovely, personal thing , I think, to help with your very own style and enhance your body in a most flattering way .

Becky was very happy with her dress, even in the toile stage, so there was no need for any more work on it, or another fitting, so, it was time to move on to the Wedding Dress with her chosen fabrics ( pictured below) 

  January 14, 2018, 3:49 pm


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