Choose Inspired Brides because.....


.......part two .


So, you have sent an email, with your ideas , pictures, measurements, body shape and any queries you have.

What happens next ....


I offer a free consultation to discuss, in more detail , your ideas, themes, colours, influences etc.

I work intuitively with you, to get to the finer details of your design idea.

I offer my knowledge and advice on how best to get the look you want.  Rest assured, this is your dress, and ultimately all choices are yours to make .


We will look at samples of fabric that will enhance your idea. Satins, silks, tulle, chiffon, laces.

We would discuss your budget.

We talk Underwear ( see a previous blog post)

We take a more comprehensive set of measurements, for the creation of your toile/sample gown. 

All Wedding Dresses have a sample made first, in a low cost fabric, so that you may check the design idea before the actual dress is made. Until the sample style is 100% to your liking, we will not progress to the creation of your Dress. You have the pleasure of watching your design coming to life from its very beginning .

We would talk through fittings, paperwork, and any other questions that you may have .


If you are interested in becoming your own Wedding Dress Designer, please contact us 

Look forward to hearing from you.








  January 9, 2018, 1:38 pm


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