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Become your own designer.


I started Inspired Brides because I knew the wedding dress style I wanted, but , after trying the Wedding Shop experience, I knew that I would not find what I wanted in the shops. I wasn't keen on being fussed over, I did not like what I tried on, and found my shop experience most disappointing . My Style was not elaborate, it was just a very classic fishtail, with a halterneck top. But it was exactly me and therefore meant I felt confident , comfortable and beautiful on my big day. I even got told I looked like a princess from one of my guests little girls . It truly was one of the best days of my life , I felt on top of the world .


How do You start to create your own dress ?


Most of us have a pinterest board or two of ideas, so , why not share with us, your vision for your Wedding.

Send us pictures of the styles of dress that you love, along with any other ideas that you have for your special day.

I like to get a feel for the whole event ,the venue etc,  so that I can envision you , and your magical day. It helps me get the creative inspiration to create a style unique to you . 


How long will my dress take ? 


It is lovely to have approximately 6-8 months to create a Wedding Dress. This allows plenty of time for ensuring the design is correct, fabrics chosen, sample, fittings and creation of your dress, as we do work with several customers at any given time . 

There are times when something may be created in less time , it is always worth contacting us at to ask ,if you have a situation that means you have less time. However , due to the amount of work we receive, we could not guarantee fitting this in , but we most certainly will be happy to answer your inquiry, just in case.

If you wish us to make your Bridesmaid dresses also, it would be adviseable to have a bit more time, and to state this on your initial contact.


How will I know if I suit a style ? 


Most bridesmaids, Mums , friends, will enjoy a day out looking at wedding dresses with you, as they like to be involved. Do it , try on many different styles, even those you would not have considered, see what is out there and work out the bits you like and the bits you don't. Take people you trust to give you an honest opinion, but most of all , trust your own feelings about the dress

If you do see 'The One' then get it.

We do not create something that has already been created, we create something that is unique to you and your personal dream.

Our designs use your body shape, dimensions, wants and needs, that are exclusive to you . 

We can show off your best features, and hide the ones you are not so keen on . We want you to feel beautiful and confident on your big day.


Getting in Touch

So, if this all sounds interesting to you, why not get in touch and inquire about how we can help you. 

send us ;

Date of Your Wedding ,

Pictures and any other form of ideas,

Brief description of your requirements,

Height, Bust, Waist, Hip Measurements,

Full length photo, slim fit clothes, to assess body shape,

And anything else that you would like to share with us.

After all, it costs nothing to inquire .


 Very much look forward to hearing from you .









  January 8, 2018, 7:53 pm


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